How to receive Billing Invoice in Email

How can i receive the billing invoice in the email. I have already added the preferred email address in “Billing email preference”. If i can receive it in email every month i can forward and automate the invoice reporting on our end.


It should come attached as a PDF to the email, every month. Only when there is an actual payment.

No it doesn’t, see this screen shot:

No attachment in the mail.
It would help us a lot if we had an option in ‘Billing - Email preferences’ to include (or not) the invoice as a PDF.
Kind regards, Maarten

Still nothing? Seems quite simple issue to solve. If it seems insecure to send them by e-mail then maybe use unique links or some other method?


It has been available for a while now.

Inside the billing page you can toggle the attachment of the invoice to the e-mail. It’s the setting “Invoice emails”.

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