How to reach support to block a scammer?

Tell me, is it possible to somehow contact the support service via e-mail? I wrote through the form on the site many times, but it does not help. The data written through the form, as I understand it, is sent to the hosting, but the hosting does not respond. At the moment, we can only block domains through registrars. But the scammer registers a new domain, issues a certificate, makes a change on cloudflare and moves on. The number of blocked domains has already exceeded 100.

Support only handles technical problems in your account. Abuse is handled by Trust & Safety, which is what the form is for. If that’s not working to your satisfaction, you’ll have to seek legal counsel for assistance.


How can a lawyer help me in this case?

I wanted to write a substantive answer, but I cannot attach links. Is it possible to do this?

Links to examples of sites you think are infringing will be deleted in the forums. Your options for reporting are the Cloudflare abuse page or a lawyer. If you don’t see a way a lawyer can help you odds are they can’t. But neither can the community.


In my case, we are talking about theft of bank accounts. I thought that there were experienced people in the community who could guide me on the right path.

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