How to re-run speed page test in cloudflare speed?

How to re-run speed page test in Cloudflare speed?

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Currently, I don’t believe there is an option for this…


That’s a shame then.

Don’t see why that would have made it that way?

At least once every 24 hours is the minimum time frame you should be able to refresh!

With over a million potential tests, and what looks like one small server farm in North Carolina, they’re going to have limit the number of requests. I expect that once the Speed Test calms down and they build up infrastructure, they’ll open it up for more frequent tests.

But you’re not alone in this wish. Many of us want to re-test after making recommended changes.


To compound issues, there seems to be a bug where, while on the Speed tab, once you cycle through your domains and go to a domain that’s not yet tested, all other domains stop showing the results they had. Even after you refresh the page.

You need to go back to Home and pick a domain again, then it will show the previously done test.

Yeah, they recommend turning on certain things then i cant retest the site to see whether i benefited from turning on their recommendations…

But yeah, assuming they just need to build up infrastructure.

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@floripare thanks for reporting the issue. It should be fixed with our release on Monday.


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