How to re-perform the DNS scan when setting up a new domain sometime later

That scan when you first add a domain to Cloudflare: is there a way to get Cloudflare to re-scan and re-set up a domain as if it hasn’t yet moved?

Specifically but not only where it is a VPS host account and the DNS server for the domain is actually part of the domain that is being forwarded via Cloudlfare!

Not that I know of… because the nameservers would be pointing to CF so the scan wouldn’t really work… The only way I know of is to remove the domain and point back to the old nameservers, then re-add it to Cloudflare and it will scan the old nameservers again.

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That sounds reasonable.

I just hit the remove site from Cloudflare… not even a confirm are you sure dialog! Bang and its gone, good thing I repointed the DNS before I did that.

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