How to re-enter second Cloudflare nameserver without getting an error?

I have a CF account on my domain and just changed hosting companies, so I changed most DNS entries on CF. However, I accidentally deleted one of the two CF nameservers for my domain. Tried re-entering the second one, and I get this error message: DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) Content for NS record is invalid. NS records at the apex must not overwrite assigned nameservers.

I know CNAME entries can sometimes cause conflicts and this error, but the only CNAME entry I have is the one that sends “” to my “”

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

You don’t enter nameservers on Cloudflare’s side. You have to do this at your registrar’s.

But with a domain on Cloudflare, you only handle the regular DNS entries and not nameservers.

Thanks for the reply! So I can just remove the NS entries in my domain’s DNS settings? I thought CF automatically imported those entries with the other DNS entries when I first set it up for this domain, so figured they were required there too.

No, Cloudflare only imports entries when you add the domain. After that you have to manage entries manually.

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