How to re-configure DNS settings?

Greetings, I upgraded the hosting plan on the website I am managing. The hosting company changed the server I was previously on as a result. But since the upgrade, I have been having series of 503 errors and incessant outages on the site. I got in touch with my web host provider, I was told that with the change of server, I have to re-configure the DNS settings on Cloudfare to stop these errors, failure of which it would continue. How do I go about this?

Did you update the IP address in the DNS settings here?

You can also click the 503 link in your post for more information that might help.

No I didn’t change the IP address.

This should point you in the right direction:

Alright, I will look through. Thank you

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There is something I want to clarify, the tutorial link above, indicates click Add Record in as part the steps, there existing records already. Do I absolutely have to do that-(create new record) or I can edit the existing record under the A, AAAA, CNAME, MX and TXT records?

Do you have existing records now ?

The records already exist. So which specifically do have to alter for me to stop getting errors? the records are already pointing to the new IP address from the new server from the web hosting company

Yes, there are existing records

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Ok ,

Chnage the IP Adress which your web host provider has provided you and then this should be fixed .

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Did it Work ?

I am waiting for my web host to communicate the new IP address to me.

Ok you can always revert back if any issues .

I have updated the IP address as you advised. So far, everything is working out very well. The errors haven’t showed up at in almost two hours of usage. Hopefully, it stays that way. Thanks.


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