How to re-add website back to cloudflare?

Hi, long story short I deleted my site from Cloudflare because I made a lot of mistakes setting it up and now want to re-add it and start from scratch. The problem is Cloudflare asks for payment again but I already paid for pro version. What should I do?

Hi @arcusbeds, have you also changed your name serves away from Cloudflare? If not, I’d immediately add the zone back to the same Cloudflare account, pick the free plan, open a ticket with support, let them know what happened, point to this thread too if you like. Ask them to check billing and push zone to pro. Please share your ticket number and I’ll make sure it gets in the right queue.

(If you have changed your name servers, added the zone to Cloudflare in the same account and then switch them back to Cloudflare and follow the above with support.)

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hi thanks for the advice, just added back with the free plan. Not sure how to open a ticket, just the community one. Is there an email or something?

If you login & go to and select get more help.


Thank you very much

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