How to re-activate "Moved" Cloudflare Site


I forgot to pay my Namecheap domain in time.
Now my cloudflare site is “Moved”.

How do I re-activate this moved site? (my Namecheap domain is now updated)

Set the nameservers at Namecheap back to the 2 allocated Cloudflare nameservers you set before.

They can be found at the bottom of your DNS page if you need them…

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After I paid the subscription at Namecheap, and viewed my domain list, I noticed that the cloudflare servers are still the same as they used to be

When did you pay for the domain? It may take Cloudflare a little time to see the nameservers have changed back. Just check that the Cloudflare nameservers are still the same in your dashboard.

If you can give the domain name, it is easier to check.

30 minutes ago…

Name servers are equal at both Cloudflare (DNS) and Namecheap

You may need to wait a little while for the Universal SSL certificate to be re-generated, everything else seems OK…

Thanx for checking! if I renew my Namecheap (i was 1 week to late) and the nameservers did not change, the Cloudflare should automatically re-activate the moved site? (after some time)

Yes, if the status is “moved”, see here…

Ah, I could not find this help page…thanx! I’ll be patient :wink:

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