How to raise (default) rate limit for a worker?


I’m testing CF workers as a possible way to control HTTP API access, and sometimes getting HTTP429 / Error 1015 for my requests. Request rate is relatively low - few dozens of requests per second, and up to a thousand per minute.

Firewall rules and rate limiting are not configured, so I guess there is some “default” rate limit - but so far I was not able to find any information about it, nor the way to configure it.

One example is “Ray ID: 4c9d7026a5e9ccbe • 2019-04-19 08:16:44 UTC”

How can I check and configure that “default” rate limiting?
And, is there any way to contact support directly (live chat, ticket system, …) - or community portal is the only option?


Bottom of this page has a support link.


What process does you worker do?


Thank you, found it now!
In case someone else will have problems filing a ticket - you need to:

  1. open “CF support” page
  2. REGISTER and/or LOG IN (even if you already logged into CF!)
  3. choose “My activities & requests” from the account dropdown menu (top left corner)
  4. there you will find “Submit request” button

Nothing special so far - my worker only sets CORS “Access-Control-Allow-Origin” header, other parts or req/response stay as is.


I’m guessing you mean the CF API and not the Worker API.

Which is different (See Rate limiting a little further down):


No, by “API” I mean may own HTTP/REST endpoint - not CF API. I was testing if I can implement auth, rate-limiting etc. logic with CF workers, thus both hiding and protecting my server IPs.