How to put a single folder on Coudflare

The Cloudflare configuation wizard starts by asking for my domain name, but I don’t want my whole domain on Cloudflare. How do I put folder on Cloudflare but leave the rest of where it is?

You don’t. There is a reason why Cloudflare does ask for a domain.

So we need to create a subdomain if we only want part of our site on Cloudflare?

No, you need to place the whole domain under Cloudflare.

If you want to go only with one particular hostname you’d need a Business plan and could look into a CNAME setup.

What do you mean by [quote=“sandro, post:4, topic:196659”]
If you want to go only with one particular hostname

If you don’t want to place your whole domain under Cloudflare but only want particular hostname or label.

We put our domain under Cloudlfare some years ago and had issues to do with email etc. We’re a small company and it burned up a lot of time in DevOps that could have been more productive elsewhere.

Business Plan is out of our range, so maybe Cloudflare isn’t for us.

Thank you for your help @sandro

As long as all mail related records are unproxied you should be fine. Of course you should also have the right SPF records in place, but that’s a general issue and not Cloudflare related.

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