How to publish more file to cloudflare workers Kv


i have many files around 10,000 files & more to be published. which is not working for now.
which is also taking much time.

please advise how to deal with it.

If unlike me, If you are very patient and the total of files does not exceed 1GB, you can do this by executing a Cron Tasks.

Using KV for this task might not be the best option for storing 10,000 files.

Workers KV can only be written up to 1,000 times per day and there is a limit of 1GB.

And I almost forget about the request limit of 50 subrequests including fetch and I think KV.put.

KV Limits.

This only applies to the free version.

Thanks @matteo! You are right, forgot to mention that.

Do you know if KV methods (put, ‘get’ or list) count towards the subrequest limit (50)? I think it does, I haven´t tested it yet.

Let me get back to you on that. I believe it does, but I am not totally sure.

It seems to be 1000/worker invocation! With still a 6 concurrent operations, though.