How to proxy

I am Chinese, you know, I cannot directly visit discordapp, so I try to use workers as a proxy.
code like this:

but got 403 This content is no longer available.

how to fix it? or workers do not support proxy images?


url like this

export default {
async fetch(request, env, ctx) {
const url = new URL(request.url);

  const targetPath = url.pathname.replace("/mj/", "/");
  const targetUrl = '' + targetPath;

    // Copy headers from the original request, but remove any CF headers
  let newHeaders = new Headers();
  for (let pair of request.headers.entries()) {
    if (!pair[0].startsWith('cf-') && !pair[0].startsWith(':')) {
      newHeaders.append(pair[0], pair[1]);

  const modifiedRequest = new Request(targetUrl, {
    headers: newHeaders,
    method: request.method,
    body: request.body,
    redirect: 'manual'

  const response = await fetch(modifiedRequest);

  return response;

  // return fetch(targetUrl);


I want to proxy [Preformatted text]( images

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community!

Workers do support proxying images, as well as any other type of request.

The issue here is - Discord specifically blocked Workers from doing this due to abuse.

Cloudflare Workers make no attempt at hiding themselves, in fact, more of the opposite. Any fetch request outgoing from a Worker sets the CF-Worker header, and that cannot be overriden. As such, Discord simply blocks that. Only Ephemeral Media (like from Slash Commands) and Profile Pictures can be accessed via Workers.


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