How to provision an SSL cert for an IPFS site?

I’m a huge fan of the Cloudflare IPFS gateway. For ~years, I would spin up IPFS sites and use Cloudflare to freely and automatically provision an SSL certificate, even though my DNS was hosted on another registrar.

But, it seems this free service to provision SSL certificates for IPFS sites was discontinued?

During the Private Beta, self-provisioning of SSL certificates is not available. [OK, how do we get these then?]

How can I provision an SSL certificate for an IPFS site whose domain is hosted on another registrar?

If this is now impossible after the free service was discontinued, can you please confirm how I can accomplish this? For example, if I transfer my domain to the Cloudflare registrar, will I then be able to provision an SSL certificate for my IPFS site? How exactly would I do that, is there a button in the dashboard?

cc @domjh (I saw you had IPFS-related expertise in another topic)

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