How to prove a URL points to a CID on an IPFS gateway and content not been changed?

As a visitor, how can you prove that a certain URL points to a CID on an IPFS gateway and that the content has not been altered?

“dig TXT _dnslink.ipfs.mydomain*com +short” returns “dnslink=/ipfs/” , this is fine.

“dig ipfs.mydomaincom CNAME +short" returns NOTHING. i think it should return "ipfs.cloudflarecom”

and, “dig ipfs.mydomain*com +short” will return 2 IP addresses, and even if you use worker.js, it will still return the same two IP addresses.

This means that you cannot prove that the content you provide comes entirely from the IPFS CID, and it may have been modified by WORKER.JS.

Can anyone tell me what other methods there are for visitors to verify that the content of does indeed come from the CID content on the IPFS gateway? (Visitors cannot directly access other IPFS public gateways, as their network is restricted.)

and how to find out if a URL has worker.js involved?


“*.com” because of “new users can only put 4 links in a post.”

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