How to Protecting my website and account from illegitimate ad clicks

Hello everyone,
I have encountered a problem in the past two days regarding my website being targeted by individuals who click on Google AdSense ads in an illegitimate way. Is there a way to solve this issue or a feature available on Cloudflare to address the problem? Are there any paid WordPress plugins that can protect my website and account from illegitimate clicks?

How exactly you determine this?

In principle, Cloudflare cannot be used to prevent clicks on ads because they are clicks on links pointing to external, third-party domains, not your Cloudflare-proxied domain.

There are several free and paid WordPress plugins that handle ad management, and some offer features against click fraud. I personally use Advanced Ads, though not for click-fraud protection. You’d need to inquire in their own support forums for details. Make sure you mention your pages are proxied by Cloudflare, so that they provide the best advice.


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