How to protect your website from proxy mirrors?

I’ve been having this problem for several months now and I still can’t solve it. Is there someone who can help me with this?

Currently more than 100 websites are cloning my website

Before we can provide any specific help, we would need more information about your situation. It is difficult to assess the threat model without knowing more about the nature of these clones.

it is almost impossible to completely remove bots from copying your site, you can try, but they will always find one way or another.
You could implement a fancy enterprise protection and the bots would fetch the content from waybackmachine or any other website that “legitimately” mirrors your content.

They just have so many options to mirror your website that investing in a protection just for this matter is almost pointless imo. Legal action might be the best way to prevent the content from showing on search engines.

Consider sending DMCA notices to Google and other search engines, asking them to remove the content from their search results.

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Well, I really don’t know what else to say.

I have blocked the IPS of the websites that clone me, but then they become active again and reflect my website again.

I obviously made DMCA requests to remove them from search results.

I made a Disavow list of all domains and uploaded them to Google Search Console.

I have a Premium plan with Wordfence and I try to block attacks and domains that affect my website every day.

I also have a Pro Plan with Cloudflare, but I think it’s useless!

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