How to protect websites real address?

We have CloudFlare setup as a proxy and we CNAME to a website. Here is these setup: (CNAME) - >

CloudFlare protects any traffic going to but it’s not protecting direct access to How do i protect that address?

The domain is a subdomain of and therefore just can be controlled by the owner of Unless you host this domain at Cloudflare you can not do this with Cloudflare.

If a domain is not hosted at Cloudflare, Cloudflare can not apply andthing to it, this must be done/configured at So just contact the support of and ask them to restrict the access for to solely Cloudflare IPs.

But the domains real address is not getting exposed by Cloudflare as long as you proxy :orange: traffic.


That’s what I figured. Appreciate you confirming that!.

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