How to protect website using specific port

I am sorry but I am new to cloudflare and not a networking person so please be patient with me. I have a website http:\\OnTrak\home that I want to protect with Cloudflare. I think I want a reverse proxy to the webserver that is hosted on my network. I am trying to allow my customers access from the cloudflare IP list on my firewall using the specific port. When I proxy my ontrak cname I struggle to get any traffic to flow through to my firewall. If I turn the poxy off I get traffic. I am guessing from reading some documentation that only certain ports are allowed through. I need help in understanding how this should be setup. Again, I want outside users to come in through cloudflare and my firewall is setup for just CF ip addresses and certain ports. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I am a pro customer if that helps at all.

Thank you.

As you noted, the Cloudflare proxy will only process connections on specific ports. 9011 is not one of them. You can create an Origin Rule to set the port to which the Cloudflare proxy connects. This will let visitors connect on the standard HTTPS port and Cloudflare will connect to your origin using 9011.

For the protection of yourself and your customers, it is critical that you secure your origin with a certificate. If all of your traffice will be routerd through Cloudflare, you can use a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate for free.

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