How to protect VPN hosted on Vultr VPS

I recently started a VPN on Vultr VPS, and I’m wondering how I can get Cloudflare protection for it, to protect my VPN from DDoS attacks.

Perhaps you mean VPS, as a VPN isn’t a website, but it’s an outbound proxy for your own use.

Vultr has a built in firewall that supports Cloudflare. You can configure it to block anybody not using Cloudflare to visit that server’s site. Set it up for IPv4 and IPv6 and link it to your instance. If you need SSH access from home, you’ll have to add an “accept” rule for your home IP address as well. In my example, you’ll see a blacked out Accept for any TCP connection from my home IP address.

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Hi, thanks for your response but I’m trying yo create a DDoS-protected VPN for gaming, etc.

The main use case for Cloudflare is to be a proxy for L7 HTTP/HTTPS traffic only. However, it is still possible to put your VPS behind Cloudflare with

But be prepared to spend thousands of dollars, from what i’ve heard, it’s not cheap.

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