How to properly update Cloudflare after moving site to another hosts

i have changed my hosting provider and all hosting part is done but what i want to do in Cloudflare to live my website

You will need to change the DNS records to point to your new host. They will be able to provide the records needed.

You will need one for www and @ as well as MX records for email.

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but there is no @ option in the add record at DNS

In the name field, just type ā€˜@ā€™

what about the old data i want to delete it or want to just leave it

Before deleting everything from the old account, Iā€™d wait a bit to verify everything is running properly. Iā€™d also backup all data including mailboxes etc.

okay i got it

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thank you for the help guys and any one else want to help means they can see this video and do it yourself