How to properly update Cloudflare after moving site/changing hosts

So, we have bought a site from another owner. The site was already on Cloudflare. We now have it hosted under a new hosting account - just finished setting it up, cloning it, etc. Read to point the domain to the new host - usually I’d just cnange the nameservers, but since this site is already on Cloudflare, some googling tells me that what I really need to do is update the IP address on Cloudflare.

My question is, which one? When I log into Cloudflare and pull up the site, and go to DNS (this is free version by the way), there are quite a few "a’ records, etc., There are 10 A record entries, 3 CNAME entries, 1 MX entry, 1 SRV entry and one TXT entry. Only the A name entries look to have a spot to update IP address. Do I update for each and every single entry I see? Or just the one specifically tied to the domain name (and then assume that the rest get auto updated or something?) Just want to make sure I am doing this correctly. Thank you!


I think that you lack a basic knowledge about DNS. This may help you out.

You are absolutely correct in this assumption. Even with a successful web design business, I usually only have to concern myself with updating nameservers for domains when hosts change.

That’s why I asked the question :wink:

So, I assume I need to update each A record entry?

I will answer like I do for many questions from my clients - it depends.
First you need to understand what each of these records is used for then you will surely know if you need to change them or not. I believe no one here will tell you “yes” if they don’t know consequences of these changes.

Well, let’s look a them. How about this one:

A cpanel points to Automatic ’

I suppose my question would be, what does Cloudflare have to do with CPANEL anyway? Can you give me an example of why this would need to be changed? I do not even know why it’s listed. I assumed Cloudflare was resolving DNS for - but in what instance would clouidflare be resolving anything for my cpanel with my hosting provider (or is this something entirely different that I am missing?)

At this point, I’m actually inclined to only change the a record entry that is tied to the domain name. I can’t justify changing any of the others. And I actually just did that (changed only that one), and tested by uploading a file via FTP to the new site, and looks to me like all is working ok.

Thanks for helping!

That would be a save action indeed.
I presume the site is now hosted at your hosting location, you can fairly savely remove the old records, which still points to the old server, you don’t use that location anymore so why bother?

You should check to your MX, SRV and TXT records though, could you give us an indication what the content of those are (you could anonymize those).

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You need to change that because there should not be any record of actual server IP on the Internet so attackers cannot directly point attacks to your server and consume your resources.

Replacing old IPs with new ones makes sense and is safe.