How to properly set up Firebase Hosting www subdomain DNS in Cloudflare?

I am new to Cloudflare and DNS configuration:

I have a new Firebase app hosted on Firebase and have added my custom domain name to the Firebase hosting console screen. Firebase provided some DNS configuration records to add to Cloudflare’s DNS Settings page. The naked domain seems to be working with exception of the www subdomain. For some reason, when I type in my full address like and navigate to it, I get a “Site Not Found” message on the browser screen.

What is the correct DNS settings I should do to fix this?

My settings:

Have you configured Firebase to answer for www as well as your domain?

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What is the domain?

Your site loads ok for me on both www and the apex domain (which redirects to www). The domain is DNS only at Cloudflare so there’s no problem with your settings there.

Check for any issues local to you (slow updating local or ISP DNS resolver, clear browser cache, etc).

I have the SSL set to “FULL (strict)”. Does that matter?

It still says “SITE NOT FOUND” for me now when visiting naked domain and www domain. (though, I made the switch from FULL to FULL (scrict) about 10 mins ago.

I guess I can wait a bit and see if things are fully resolved on their own…thanks.

That is the only mode you should use to ensure HTTPS is used end-to-end and your origin SSL certificate is validated by Cloudflare.

All is well now! Thank you for your help.

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