How to properly set up Edge Cache TTL to cache JSON without extension

I have a service that sends JSON to the end user. The service URL is as following: http://<service>/<path>?siteCode=*.

siteCode may change and for every change of code a different resource must be returned from the service.

Basically, I need to cache JSON response for every siteCode that was requested. I want the cache TTL to be configurable from my service side via Cache-Control headers. I’ve set up a rule in Cloudflare like this:
URL: http://<service>/<path>?siteCode=*
Cache Level: Cache Everything
Edge Cache TTL: 1 hour
Origin Cache Control: on

And my service returns this header:
Cache-Control: public, max-age=7200

But for some reason Cloudflare ignores that header and caches the responses only for 1 hour as it was set up in the page rule.

What am I doing wrong?

I have a pro account in Cloudflare.

Remove the Edge Cache TTL setting from your page rule and we should respect your origin headers - e.g. the 2H max-age TTL.

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