How to Properly Install SSL in our Website


Can someone assist me in installing SSL in our site?

Thanks in advance.

What web server are you using?

hello baobaoxich,

Thank you for your quick response.

hmm, i’m not sure.

Here is the information I have

Our website is hosted to Hostgator, I know it was compiled in PHP. Our DNS is with Godaddy and our SSL is with Cloudflare.

the issue is that our website in HTTP.

I contacted Hostgator to disable HTTP and change it to HTTPS. Per hostgator, our A records is with Godaddy. Our domain is pointed to Godaddy.

I contacted Godaddy, and per advised, our SSL is not properly installed and we need to contact our SSL provider, which is Cloudflare.

hope i provide you the correct information.

Here’s how to get a certificate you can install on your GoDaddy account:

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It has been a long time now I don’t use hosting, but you can refer to this tutorial if you are using cPanel: How to install Cloudflare SSL on GoDaddy

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