How to properly clear WordPress site and Cloudflare cache?

If Cloudflare is enabled on a WordPress website and I clear the cache on the WordPress site (for example w3 total cache), do I also have to purge the cache at Cloudfare?

If a plugin implements a method to execute a Cloudflare API to Purge Everything or Purge the URL/slug/file path at Cloudflare for a zone, would be good, which W3TC does and has an extension “Cloudflare” which can be enabled and configured on WP dashboard, then there is no need to do it on Cloudflare dashboard.

Otherwise, might depend on the plugin, or if you’re using Cloudflare APO for WordPress then it works too.

However, by default, the HTML is not cached, therefore if we want to make it cachable, we have to do few tricks about it to make sure our visitors wouldn’t have some issue with viewing our website.

If we encounter some issue with CSS, JS or other file-type which is cached by default, we can manually Purge it via CF dashboard.

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Thanks, I remember enabling the Cloudflare extension for W3TC on the site.

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