How to properly cache mp3 files on Cloudflare


I just saw that mp3 audio files are not allowed to be cached using cloudflare (due to large bandwidth usage?). So they only want html files and basic website files to be cached it appears. My question is, does cloudflare offer a paid subscription or any other method in which mp3 file bandwidth can be routed through their service?

If not, what is generally a cost effective solution that people use these days?


I was curious about this and found a similar use with a recommendation of page rules, How to cache mp3 and other files. But, I’d echo the caution from the thread on bandwidth consumption and running afoul of plan limits. I suspect you may want to speak with the sales team to understand options. How much bandwidth do you anticipate?

10TB/month outbound is what I’m anticipating. So it is going to be a lot and I cannot speak to support since cloudflare doesn’t offer any support. Apparently, you must be an enterprise customer to even speak to them.

I would gladly pay them if they let. Too bad no real support for little folk here.

Yes, there is free support via tickets available for all plans. Enterprise plans have phone support. (I’ve heard great things about the chat support available on business plans but have not tried it myself.)

Do you have a ticket open with support regarding this?

I don’t see any way to open a ticket. Where do you see this? There is only a community support tab.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select “get more help” towards the bottom of the page.

Got it. Thanks.

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