How to progress transfer at "Payment"?


I am looking to transfer a domain to Cloudflare. I fail to upload a screenshot, but the registrar page says:

Transfer in progress
Registered on February 21, 2021

Transfer Progress

:heavy_check_mark: Unlock domain
:heavy_check_mark: Disable Privacy
:heavy_check_mark: Enter auth code
• Payment - 1 year renewal $8.57
• Approve transfer at [current registrar]
• Transfer successful

From this I infer that the next step is to pay a fee. However, it is not clear to me how to do that.

Next step is Payment what’s unclear in that ?

Yes, you state the obvious. It is perfectly clear that the next step is payment. My question was how to actually pay. There is no button saying “pay now”, or any other information about how to proceed. I also checked other account settings including billing information, but could not find anything.

If you share a screenshot it would be easy to tell . I’d Appreciate if you send a Screenshot

No , The Button will be there somewhere . & Also Do read for any Troubleshoot

& @Laurie can help as this is a Billing Issue

I already attempted to send a screenshot along with the initial post in this topic, but this failed (error message by Discourse). Anyway, the transfer went through successfully, no further assistance is required.

Oh Ok Then . Good luck for your Further Projects !

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