How to Prevent Website to Reveal the Technology Used

Hi, I have a question about whether the website will disclose the Software and PHP technologies used when we scan it using sites such as In my case, this website is able to disclose the e-commerce technology and PHP technology of my website to anyone that scans the website, image: Screenshot by Lightshot, this information is handy for anyone that tries to hack my website.

Does Cloudflare have a way to stop sites like these to disclose such technology information?


Those site exposing your technology might have option to remove it too not sure

In general as long as you keep your software updated it’s not a big deal that they can see what you are using.

Even if they know you are using PHP/an ecommerce framework, if it’s the latest version and any security problems are dealt with it won’t do potential hackers any good.

As an aside, if you are on Pro or higher you can try enabling some of the Managed Rules in the Cloudflare WAF which may help with defending against attacks. But if you do a good job maintaining your server you should be alright.

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