How to prevent cloudflare edge cache from origin header

hi all.

We have a small service which provides content with the data we have.

someone can rent a package to create a blog using the content we provide, they can also do a custom domain.

We implemented a lot of rules to limit bad crawls and scrapers, but we just realized that there is a problem between Cloudflare and our service. This problem occurs when someone applies a custom domain with a domain using dns cloudflare, then he uses the cloudflare page rule and enables cache everything with ttl edge cache a month.

someone with malicious intent and wants to download all our content will use this to bypass our bad bot rules.

My question is, can I tell cloudflare not to cache all the pages in this user’s domain using the response header from our service?

This problem has given us a headache for the last few weeks.

I’ve tried to use headers
cache-control: no-cache, no-store, max-age=0

but cloudflare doesn’t respect that at all when the user enables cache everything.


Unfortunately no. You can’t prevent your customers to override the cache settings via page rules.

yes I know that, I don’t want to prevent my customers from using cache settings via page rules.

What I want to do is, tell cloudflare that it doesn’t cache this page even if it’s configured via page rules.

obeying the response from the origin is not difficult.

You may try to contact Cloudflare Support to see anything can be done from their side:

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