How to Preload Key Requests?

Can someone please help me, please? I just activated Elementor and now my Mobile Page Speed Insights score dropped from a wonderful 86 to 32…not happy!!! Deskstop score stay the same. The reason on the mobile report says:

Preload key requests
1.68 s
Consider using <link rel=preload> to prioritize fetching resources that are currently requested later in page load. Learn more.
Potential Savings
1,680 ms
1,500 ms

How can I do this? I do NOT know how to manipulate my website files, nor do I understand any of the Cloudlfare settings. For Cloudlfare, all I’ve done is click the button “apply recommended Cloudflare settings for WordPress” and turn on “automatic platform optimization” and it made everything wonderful…till now. I have purged the cache on both SiteGround and Cloudfare (everything) but no luck.

Help soooo appreciated and thank you,

Cloudflare’s gains are mostly through caching, but this is not a caching issue. It sounds like you need help with optimizing WordPress. As you’re using Elementor and that seems to be the source of these issues, I suggest you visit any Elementor or WordPress forums for assistance.

Thank you!!

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