How to pointout domian to another hosting provider?

Hello Folks,

I purchase my domain from namecheap and successfully point this to cloudfare now cloudfare protecting my domain. Now i want to use my hostinger hosting for this dmain. How i can use that. When i add domain on hostinger that show that my domain is not pointing to hostinger. Last time when I point any domain to hostinger I just simply update nameserver from namecheap and point hostinger nameserver and then from hostinger I use SSl. But now i point my nameserver to cloudfare and not understand how to use hostinger hosting for this domain. Is there any one who can help me on this. Thanks

Hi @champstorymedia,

You need a list of DNS records from your host and then to either import them from a BIND file or manually add them to your Cloudflare DNS (deleting/editing any outdated ones).

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