How to pointing cloudflare domain to namecheap hosting?

Hello. I have a question about DNS. I registered a domain with Cloudflare. I have hosting with name cheap. How do I point the domain to namecheap hosting? Malcolm

Here is a guide from Namecheap for getting setup:


You misunderstood my question. Here it is again. I have a domain registered with Cloudflare. I have hosting with namecheap. How do I point the a domian to Namecheap hosting? Thank you again.

This is where my domain is registered (Cloudflare registrar) and need it to point to Namecheap hosting (


I need this same thing.

Domain is registered with Cloudflare and hosting is with Namecheap (using CPanel).

Namecheap requires that we point the domain to two name servers in order to access web hosting ( &

Is this not supported by the free account? I see the custom nameservers option costs $200/month.

After a quick search and google. It looks to not be possible at this moment in time.

You could try and change the records in order to work?

(6.1) states you are unable


Have a look here…

Ya me habilitaron. Gracias.