How to point to a web server hosted at my house

I have port forwarded a home hosted web server and I wan’t to put it on cloudflare… I tried making an A record pointing at my IP address to no result, I just get This site can’t be reached in Chrome with an error message of DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

I port forwarded it on port 80 if that helps

Make sure that you also port forward port 443 and have an SSL certificate installed on your server (these can be obtained for free from letsEncrypt or with a Cloudflare Origin Certificate). If you don’t do this, then the connection from Cloudflare to your website will be insecure.

In order to get the domain working, make sure you typed your DNS record correctly into your browser. NXDOMAIN only shows up if you enter a subdomain/domain that does not exist in the DNS tab.

If you still have issues, post your domain/subdomain here and we can troubleshoot.

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Hi, as i understood it is a problem only on chrome so it is chrome bug you can easy fix in couple steps:
Fix 1. Flush DNS
Fix 2. Restart DNS
Fix 3. Configure DNS server adresses
Fix 4. Reset hosts file
How to do it properly read this tutorial Fix DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

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