How to point subdomains to different IP addresses

I have multiple application servers for a project.

Before trying to use Cloudflare, I was creating A records with subdomains each pointing to a different IP: → IP1 → IP2 → IP3

Based on my limited understanding of Cloudflare, it seems that Cloudflare requires CNAME records which I cannot use to point to different IP addresses.

How can I do this with Cloudflare?

Not if you set up Cloudflare natively through the Cloudflare dashboard. If you set up directly here, you use regular DNS records, including “A” records for those subdomain IP addresses.

What record should I setup at the domain registerar? directnic in my case.

When you onboard a site, it will tell you which name servers to set.

yes I’ve done that. my question was if I need to set an A record with directnic ?
or setting up with the Cloudflare name servers without any records is all I need?

Cloudflare will become your DNS for that domain, and all records should be here.

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Thanks it makes a lot more sense now.

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