How to point subdomain to specific port for example 8081

Hello Team,

I have created a sub domain for example which pointed to IP and other sub domain which is pointed to IP Is this possible with the cloudflare.

Because when I enter port 8081 it doesn’t allow me to save that entry.

Your help is much appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.

Cloudflare supports a limited number of ports through the standard proxy, you can review the documentation here:

The non-standard ports are intended for access to common management portals, and do not support Cloudflare features like caching.

If your Origin is running on a non-standard port, you can use a Worker or the PortZilla App to change the port. The search :search: above will give you lots of options.

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your quick revert.

If I use the cloudflare supported ports then I can specify port into the URL. They menitioned this in supported port document.
Cloudflare Access does not support port numbers in URLs. Port numbers are stripped from requests for URLs protected through Cloudflare Access.

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