How to point shopify domain to Cloudflare?

I purchased my domain directly from Shopify. I want to point the domain to CloudFlare. I did the normal procedure of changing the nameservers name, however, in contact with shopify support I have to put some kind of password in CloudFlare to “accept” the domain. How do I do this?


From the above provieded screenshoots, just to be sure what are you trying to achieve:

  1. Transfer the domain to Cloudflare registar?
  2. Change the Nameservers for your domain to the Cloudflare’s one?

As seen, you have successfully changed the nameservers to the provided ones by the Cloudflare when you have added your domain to your Cloudflare account.

You can transfer your domain to Cloudflare registar if needed in case, but you can leave it where it is as far as I know (at Shopify).

Wherelse, for later you manage all your DNS settings on the Cloudflare dashboard.

Hi I’m trying to Change the Nameservers for my domain to the Cloudflare’s one

The bottom picture in your post is the correct way, but that domain is currently using Google name servers.

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