How to point my hosting(HOSTINGER) and cdn(bunny)to cloudflare?

hi,I bought my domain name from godaddy,hosting from hostinger and cdn from bunny…i want to point my domain to cloudflare DNS,along with my hosting and cdn?
so how does this works?
what should i do?

It all starts with basic DNS. There’s very little difference beyond that. And that difference being that the DNS record(s) for your website(s) are :orange: Proxied, while all other entries should be :grey: DNS Only.

  1. Onboard your site to Cloudflare
  2. Make sure all your DNS records point to the correct place(s).

thank you…should i point both the hosting as well as the cdn?

It sounds like you already have this running. You just need to duplicate your existing DNS records into your Cloudflare account. Definitely the hosting, and if your CDN uses a subdomain of your own domain, then you’ll need to do that as well. Anything with your domain name in it should end up in your DNS.

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