How to point my domain name to cloudflare


Hi, I transferred over from google domains and wait 24 hours for the DS records to be added. That did not happen. There were google values in the DNS records. I removed them an placed the assigned ones cloudflare issues for free accounts. Added one as a CNAME and the other as an mx. These were the only two NS IPv4 values it would allow. Other than a TxT. Is this correct. I cancelled the DNSSEC submission and re submitted. I only have the two records there. Please help.


Yes my domain name.


Could you post your domain name here?

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Hope that’s what you mean.


An A, AAAA or CNAME record was not found pointing to the root domain. The domain will not resolve.

An MX record was not found for your root domain. An MX record is required for mail to reach @ addresses.

These are what show when I add the two free nameservers to the DNS record. They are the only two I have added, made one a CNAME and the other an MX



Can you go to your domain in the Cloudflare dashboard and find the DNSSEC toggle? It should be to the right under “Domain Registration”. If it is OFF, turn it on. if it is ON, turn it off. We’ll see if that fixes the current DNSSEC issues.

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All it ever says is Pending and I wait days and days…nothing. Been doing my own research because support is scant from cloudflare itself. What I think I need are the all the correct DNS records and correct values. Cloudflare is my Registar so, do I only put in the two nameservers and that’s it? It only allows me to put them in as cnames and not NS. I am using blogger if that’s helpful. All I want are the correct values to in my DNS record. The info I find only talks about how to use cloudflare with other registrars.


Sorry for the confusion, at this point please contact support -


I have yet to here from them from the first and second time I tried, I will try again however. It is also coming up with a 522 error.


If possible, post the ticket number(s) and one of the team members will make sure it gets to the right people. Opening multiple tickets won’t help.


paste it here ticket number here you mean?


Yes. If you have multiple tickets, post those ticket numbers as well.


#1674411, #1677860


So, support got back to me, the say it appears that a DS record is blocking my website from being active and recommends that I delete these DS records until my website is active on cloudflare. Does that mean I just put in the nameservers they provide and wait for up to the 24hrs? They did not elaberate on this… thanks.


You should go to your registrar (where you bought/renew the domain name) and disable Dnssec. Then yes, you should change the nameservers at the registrar to the ones Cloudflare provides if they aren’t already set up.


my registrar is cloudflare. So I only put these two in, and only these two records till cloudflare finds my blog and activates it? They both go in as CNAMES correct? Do I still disable the Dnssec before I add the two provided name servers?


Sorry, my mistake (support’s response made me think you weren’t registered with CF).

Yes, try disabling DNSSEC and see if that works. You should be able to disable it on the overview tab under “domain registration”.


Ok, disabled DNSSEC and added and Now what?