How to point my Cloudflare domain at my Bluehost web host?

I have my domain registered with Cloudflare but my web host is bluehost. I’m a bit confused how I need to set things up to properly point my CF domain at my host? My A/CNAME/ETC records got nuked when I migrated to Cloudflare so I don’t have any DNS records set up right now.

A list of what I need to change in my records would be MUCH appreciated!

There are a number of good tutorials to assist with this. Bare minimum, I’d have:

A Record named @ with a value of your origin IP address (ask your host for that) and time to live of 0.

If you want to resolve to your site, a CNAME record named www with a value of your domain name ( Both should have an :orange: to the right of the record, if not, click :grey: to turn it :orange:.

Beyond that, there are a lot of different options for what DNS records you need, it varies based on your business needs and is hard to give a one size fits all recommendation.

Thanks @cloonan that’s very helpful.

One weird question. I’ve now updated my A record for to my new host URL, and added a CNAME for www that points at But, oddly, I only reach my new host via If I go to it still goes to the old host. Any ideas? Thanks again!

Nevermind it was just my browser caching :facepalm:


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