How to point domain to hosting providers IP

The IP address that your domain is currently pointed to is (

I would like to point my domain to hosting IP. How do I do that? I made some changes in cloudflare DNS, but these didn’t took place??

That’s normal because your site is proxied by Cloudflare. The public isn’t going to notice any changes in your host’s IP address because it’s masked by Cloudflare.

Is your site not working?

Yes, it is working, but I want to point my domain / site to another IP adress given by our hosting provider. How do I do that??? (Domain is :

It’s done by making a change in the DNS control panel. You say you already did that. It’s working. So nothing else to do.

Yes, i did it from DNS cloudflare, but it does not seems to take place. I made changes for many days ago, it is still pointing to Cloudflare IP :

My domain IP with our hosting is supposed to be another., that is what I pointed to.

What went wrong??

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If you have changed the IP address in your DNS records you are done. If you turn off the orange cloud in your panel and wait a few minutes should show up with the correct IP address.
Cloudflare masks your private IP to prevent direct IP DDoS attacks. People will only see the Cloudflare IP if they look up your websites IP address, it’s a security measure by Cloudflare. If you don’t want to use it set the orange clouds in your dashboard to grey and people will see your original IP.

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Can you somehow confirm that my IP is pointing to another IP adresse than cloudflare?
I’m unsure that I did everything right !

The only way to check if it points to another domain is by checking if the website works (as that means it the connection between CF and the host works) or by setting the DNS entry to the grey cloud so it doesn’t get routed through Cloudflare for the time being.

An easy way to check the IP (with the grey cloud) is either or using ping on Windows for example.
Why do you want to check the IP address? If the website works then it should be fine right?

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Because I can only connect wordpress website to hosting panel ONLY when domain is pointing to their IP adress.
It is much easier to make changes in files via control panel and therefor I wanted domain to be connected to cp with hosting.

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Then you need to make the proxy (cloud) grey. Though if you only need it to connect to the hosting panel I would recommend to make a separate A record ( for example) with the grey cloud and leave your root domain ( on the orange cloud so it doesn’t show your origin IP.

If you have to your panel with now then, after doing the above, you could go there by going to

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Hi Knagie,
Thank you very much for your reply.
I created an “A” record and under “Name” I added “” and under “IPv4 address” I added the IP adress that my hosting provider gave me.

Now once I made this proxy off / Grey, beside A this shows warning: The record expose your origin IP, to fix this change its proxy status.

Is this a general warning?

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Correct. Most people use Cloudflare to protect their web servers, but if you’re running other services on the same server, you have to make your server’s IP address public, instead of hidden behind Cloudflare.

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Then this topic is solved now!


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