How to point DNS to cloudflare?

I’ve done this before and it was fairly simple, but I cant find the basic instructions anywhere on how to point my registrar’s dns to Cloudflare.

The site is registered with, and I know where in gkg to change the dns. However, when I google “point dns to Cloudflare”, it says once I enter a domain name I will be presented with requires nameservers. I do not see what nameservers to change or what to change them to.

A search of this forum does not provide the answer, and the Cloudflare instructions under setting up Cloudflare do not say how to. Am I missing something obvious here? Any help is appreciated.

  • You add your domain to Cloudflare
  • Cloudflare issues you with two nameservers
  • You point your domain to those nameservers at your registrar
  • Done, Cloudflare is your authoritative nameserver and you configure your DNS records on Cloudflare

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