I need to Point my Domain to SiteGround Servers. I cant figure out how. What are my options?

I need to Update my DNS settings to
The SiteGround name servers but Cloudflare won’t let me. I bought my domain on Cloudflare.

Any advice? Thank you!

with Cloudflare Registrar, you cannnot use non-Cloudflare nameservers

as to whether Siteground offers any options besides pointing to their nameservers, information seems to be vague

At the bottom of their document is says this:

Alternatively, you can update only the domain’s A record to point to your hosting account’s IP address. This would point only the website, while the rest of the DNS records and the emails will remain intact.

however the page it links to seems to be irrelevant and doesn’t detail how to find the IP

this page seems to have more potential: How to Find Your Website's IP Address and Name Servers - SiteGround KB

you don’t care about the nameservers, you just want to find the IP address

if you can find the correct IP just create an A record through the Cloudflare DNS panel and it should hopefully work

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Thank you. I just set that up, and now I will wait 72 hours as it says. Hopefully, it works!

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