How To Point Cloudflare Registrar Domain to Siteground

I own the domain bought by Cloudflare registrar, i wanted to connect it to my newly bought siteground hosting. Siteground and Cloudflare have partnered together to bring a collective user experience, but unfortunately my site is down since shifting. The reason is simple, I cannot change my NAMESERVER or edit NS records directly via Cloudflare. Siteground demands the domain to point to there nameservers, and once it connects to Siteground, then Siteground servers directly connect to Cloudflare. For this all to happen, i simply need the ability to change my nameserver to siteground. This will allow me to connect my Cloudflare domain to Cloudflare CDN, via my Siteground hosting.

I can infact only edit my DNS records, when my website is already added to my account, i am unable to edit any DNS records with simple registeration…

PS: Changing nameservers is different from custom name servers, i know we can buy custom name servers at ur site, but i already have a siteground name server, i just need to point my domain there, so please help

Cloudflare Registrar is only available for domains already using Cloudflare Nameservers. At this time, you can’t change Cloudflare-registered domains away from Cloudflare’s name servers.

You can certainly contact Support to see if they can set the name servers to Siteground to use Siteground’s partner setup. Let us know how it goes.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

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Yep, so also see that they don’t allow changing name servers. I had earlier godaddy server and i connected it easily and could edit my DNS from Cloudflare.

After connecting to Cloudflare via Siteground, they don’t let me change my nameservers, and neither do they allow editing DNS, which means i can’t change my A records.

I tried to connect domain as a normal hosting. For which i deleted my site, and added, it again, but then, it asked me to change my domain nameservers to Cloudflare. This must be common for everyone, and i couldn’t figure out how to do it. When i simply add site like anyone else would do, it would ask me to point my nameserver to Cloudflare, which is impossible for me, because my domain is on Cloudflare.

CDN needs nameservers changed, and the Cloudflare won’t let me edit DNS till my domain is added…

And this is from the Cloudflare account where you have that domain registered? You should be able to see it listed in the Domain Registrations section under the Already Registered or Unable to Transfer (because it’s already here) listing.

Well yes, i renewed my domain on May 17th 2019, and it was running fine till 31st July 2019 when i was using GoDaddy, as soon as i shifted to Siteground things messed up, they demanded me to delete my site and re-add it. When i did that, things got even more complicated. And yes my domain is registered from this very id, and opening registration page, shows 2 columns: already on Cloudflare, and unable to transfer, my domain is labeled in already on Cloudflare, and has a status “Not an active zone” (which i assume is due to nameservers).

I a while ago, shared my password and email of Cloudflare to siteground staff, so that they can help me out, but they state, that only Cloudflare can do it. According to them, Cloudflare is not there responsibility,but it’s surprising, because both the companies are great business partners, and integrating them should be a piece of cake

Do you have other domains on this account? If so, are they also using the jasmine and jeremy name servers?

You may be stuck until Support can make sure the name servers are set to the proper ones for your account here. Now would be a good time to open a support ticket.

No, i have only one site on the account, and the irony is that jasmine and jeremy are not my name servers…

I struggle to change NS to Cloudflare, but fact of the matter is that my current NS records, are of no where, the jasmine and jeremy servers were my servers 3 days ago, and when i re added my site, Cloudflare wanted my nameservers to be bob and igan, and siteground wanted them to be there servers.

So the NS records of my current domain belong to nowhere, and i can’t change them…

Buddy if u think that you can help me out, then i can share my login credentials with u, so that u better understand the problem…

I have a domain which was connected to Cloudflare CDN, a week ago i deleted my site, and re added my site to Cloudflare account, when i did that Cloudflare asked me to replace my nameservers with 2 new ones that they just provided.

I can understand that every new site is allotted new nameservers, but i can’t figure out how to change my nameservers. My domain name was registered with Cloudflare Registrar itself, which has no option for changing nameservers,

I want to change my Cloudflare Registrar Domain’s NS records from Older Cloudflare Nameserver to newer Cloudflare name servers. Please help me with that…

please help change my NS from

Hi @aditya.milyin,

As @sdayman said, you will need to contact Cloudflare support for help with this. Only they can sort the nameservers out.

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