How to point Cloudflare Domain to Google Cloud WordPress Instance


I am new to Cloudflare and recently transferred my domain from Bluehost to Cloudflare. I have hosted my WordPress website on Google Cloud Platform.

Now I am confused, how to point my domain registered with Cloudflare to Google Cloud.

I have the nameservers of google cloud but I don’t know how to configure them in the Cloudflare DNS setting.

Please advise what DNS records I have to create in order to point my domain (Registrar is Cloudflare) to Google Cloud Platform.

Thank you.

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There should be an IP address you’ve been using for your site. That would go into your DNS page here for and ‘www’.

Thanks. I have added the IP address of my website provided by Google in the ‘A’ records.

Do I need to add Google Cloud “Nameservers” records as well, under NS.

Dear Sdayman

Please note that my domain is registered with Cloudflare and not with any third party like Bluehost, GoDaddy or NameCheap.

I wanted to link my domain with Google Cloud and Google tells me to add Google Name servers with the Registrar (Cloudflare).

Please guide.

Dear Sdayman,

My current setup is as follows

A points to IP address provided by Google. Its the website IP
CNAME is www domain name
NS is @ Google Nameserver

In WordPress, the site URL is https://domain name

Now the issue is that with these settings, I cannot open my website. But when I replace the HTTPS with HTTP in the site URL (WordPress), I can open the website.

I am missing something, please help this ignorant guy.


If you want to use HTTPS, then you need to have that up and running before you add a site to Cloudflare.

No, as those will no longer handle lookups for your domain.


I have decided to transfer my domain from Cloudflare to some other party as I am not able to configure this setup.

Will wait for 60 days and then transfer it.

Lesson learnt :frowning:

Thanks for your time.


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Dear Sdayman

Issue Solved :slight_smile:

After a good long rest, I started it again.

  1. Paused the Cloudflare on my domain
  2. Installed the SSL certificate (Certbot) on Google Cloud WordPress instance
  3. Resume the Cloudflare on my domain

And now its working.

Thanks. Its a good learning curve. But worth the experience.



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