How to point a domain name to specific subdomain on Windows Server

I have purchased a domain name ( I have a subdomain ( running on specific port on windows web server in AWS. this subdomain belongs to another domain. If someone visits (, I would like him to land on my subdomain directory located at ( can I achieve this in cloudfare DNS?

I do not want to redirect the website to subdomain.

I am afraid por 444 cannot be used with :orange: cloud (proxied mode) on Cloudflare.

But, there is a workaround I believe :slight_smile:

At least, you would have to have a higher plan to do it from my point of understanding, or to use something like Argo Tunnelling, etc.

Furthermore, the port 444 is not a supported and compatible one as follows from the below article:

Could you try to modify your app and change the port to the one which is supported and compatible with Cloudflare (proxy mode on :orange: cloud)?

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