How to point 2 URLs to the same website?

How to point 2 URLs to the same website?

There are multiple ways but you’d likely be best off just using a redirect so that traffic to one is redirected to the other. You can do redirects multiple ways but one easy way is using Cloudflare Page Rules

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I’ve tried this and I can’t get it to work?

I put a 301 redirect from my site to any other site and it never redirects.

E,g, if I redirect my site to say google it never seems to apply. Is there a delay from setting the forward to it being applied.

I don;t want to forward to google, was just an example.


Page Rules are being deprecated and their functionality split out to a few more fitting services (they are a throwback to a far simpler time when Cloudflare had less to offer).

To this end you may as well start on the right foot and do this redirect as a new ‘Dynamic Redirect’ as that’ll be what remains when Page Rules are sunsetted.

There’s a details on how to use it in the following blog post:

A little more involved (more analgous to creating WAF rules, if you’ve touched on that) but work a treat and allow very granular control. e.g. redirect the hostname, just a single page on it, etc etc.

Have a play with that and raise a (new) issue on here if you have probs. GL.