How to PM another member?

I’ve been ‘promoted’ to Trust 1 and according to Discourse I should be able to PM other members, but I cannot find a way to send a direct message. Can someone help me understand how?


Thank you for asking.

Feature of sending PM (direct messages) is possible only on the higher Trust Level at this Community Forums.

Furthermore, kindly see below posts for more additional information related to your question:


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So far what I can tell from this platform is

  • no one really helps
  • the normal ways other developers are able to interact on other forums has been unnecessarily made more difficult here
  • I can’t tell if anyone is actually using the service I’m trying to use.

Why should I even stay?

Really ? , What Help do you need ?

I have community items open asking about

  • 10000 authentication issues (that I eventually had to figure out on my own, so I’m going to close that)

  • I joined another developer who wants to know why the well-known API endpoint doesn’t emit Swagger/OpenAPI anymore — it’s making it difficult for me to use the mbaas provider I chose -

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