How to pivot the Cloudflare server from which the request is being sent from in a Fetch Html App?

I am a frontend developer building a metadata scraper and hosting it on Cloudflare Worker to bypass Cors for my application. My main app sends a get request with the URL attached to the worker server which subsequently uses fetch provided by Cloudflare API to get HTML data similar to given worker example -

The issue I am facing is the HTML response for some sites (like youtube) is changing (particularly the language) based on the location from where I am sending the initial request from. I am getting the response in English while a coworker is getting the response in German, even when we are in the same country although different cities. Strangely, when he changes his IP and switches to a different network, he is able to get the correct response in English.

I suspect what is happening is that Workers is changing the location (from among its various locations specified here) from where the second request to fetch HTML data is coming from based on the initial request IP address location.

Is there any way I can manually specify which Cloudflare host to send the fetch HTML request from to bypass this issue? Or any other alternative solution would be welcome. I would be grateful.