How to permanently disable Development Mode?

How to permanently disable Development Mode?

I’m not sure what you mean by permanently disable. You can click the button to turn it off once you are finished with it, or it will shut off automatically 3 hours after you enable it. To permanently disable it, I suppose you would choose to never enable it in the first place.

I want to completely disable this feature

How is it possible?

(This feature disrupts the control panel)

Thanks for helping me

What do you mean by

Dev mode doesn’t Impact anything :thinking:

That feature is not enabled anyhow. You need to specifically enable it and even in that case it is on only for three hours.

Currently cache is active on our site.

We want to completely disable the cache.
Our WordPress site uses storage capability and does not need to use Cloudflare memory

The same thing causes our site to crash.

When we enable Development Mode, the site will be set up for 3 hours, but it will be crashed again after 3 hours.

You could simply set your DNS records to :grey: to deactivate Cloudflare for this host. This will reveal your origin IP!

Or set up a page rule to deactivate features like caching

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