How to open ports?


I have tried with all I could to open my ports with a grey clouded dns record.
Found here:

But unfortunately I do not seem to understand how it works.
I have tried the SRV record, is this the one I’m supposed to be using?

Also port 8080 is not working, only port 80 seems to be working.

Could someone help me out? Been trying for hours now.

If you’ve set that hostname to :grey:, and it’s not working, then you need to fix your server. If you don’t understand how ports and DNS work, then I suggest searching or asking for help at

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I do understand how DNS works, I portforwarded my own router and have made my own DNS server.
I just do not understand how I create a DNS record inside cloudflare to open a port other than port 80.
xrdp for example won’t load while I set the the service to _xrdp and the port to 3389 with host
I have other dns records set for a nginx (allow port 8080), plex, mongodb, and others, but none of them seems to be responding.
Do I perhaps need to wait longer than an hour in order to see the changes happen?

In Cloudflare DNS, NXDOMAIN TTL is one hour. :orange: records are 5 minutes, and :grey: records are as long as you set it, up to 24 hours.

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